Why entrust us with your cards? charles tagadaconcept 25 May 2022

Why entrust us with your cards?

A fair, accurate and transparent rating

Our team of certification experts works meticulously to provide the most accurate rating for your cards. Based on a simple, concise chart used by the majority of international grading companies, our grading is scrupulously applied according to precise and detailed criteria in order to eliminate any subjective character.  

We use state-of-the-art equipment to rigorously analyze each card and do not tolerate any approximation. 

Tailor-made protection

Rugged, crystal clear, and resistant to UV, abrasion, and moisture, our enclosures adopt a standard certification industry design to maintain harmony and consistency. 

Your cards highlighted

We know the sentimental and monetary value your cards can have. Our sleekly designed cases, along with the grade assigned to each of your cards, will enhance your collections and increase their chance of increasing in value. Our cases ensure that your cards will stand the test of time in the best possible conditions. 

What makes us different:
Certification and return within 30 days
Photos of the map and its digital report included
All cards and languages accepted (in a standard format)
Subgrades included
Non falsifiable case and label
Fixed and degressive price according to the quantity
QR code and unique number